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At Clifton’s Custom Canvas Company – we offer the ultimate best of accessories in Channelview Texas such as Webbing Straps, Hand Ratchets, and Rubber Straps - and tarp repair kits amongst others.

With a world-class facility in the state – we are able to stock and offer thousands of these accessories in their various specs and with only the best available – we can deliver to you quickly with the ultimate in excellent services. We are reputed for dealing and providing top quality products at very reasonable prices; a tradition we have upheld for over 30 years.

Our accessories are very durable and made by the best manufacturers in the industry - so you are sure to get a product that will meet your unique requirements.

From any of the aforementioned accessories - our custom department will help to fulfill every of your special requests. You can contact us now for High Quality, Top Value and Excellent Service Provision in this area today!

We offer these varieties of specially made accessories that can be utilized for repairs or other related purposes. The tarp repair kits are the most ideal whenever your tarp is torn or has worn out and these accessories offer the highest and most superior reinforcement when contrasted with other products in the marketplace.

It doesn’t matter if the tarp is designed or crafted from canvas or any other material – our range of tarp accessories and repair kits are capable of offering you the perfect assistance. By utilizing our accessory or repair kits - you end up safeguarding the durability and integrity of your tarp, guaranteeing that it can be further utilized in the future.

Each of our listed accessories is made in the most simplistic designs and is also easily adjustable, and very compatible with almost all other kind of tarp. Whenever the need arises, please make good use of these tools so that you can cost-effectively secure your tarp. The accessories will help to fasten and strengthen compartments – making sure that they function and stay at their optimum state.

If you currently can’t find the accessory you are looking for, please contact us and let us know, as we will make this available for you at no extra cost!